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Why Sew Perfect?

Sew Durable
Sew Perfect Tables™ are sewing tables designed for commercial durability with the home user in mind. With virtually no vibration while you are sewing, you can be confident that your next project will be smooth sailing!

Sew Functional
Sew Perfect Tables™ offers a variety of sewing table sizes and workspace options including an optional rear table extension kit that will double your workspace while in use. Sewers will not feel "pigeon-holed" into a tiny area with their knees knocking into cumbersome cabinetry. With Sew Perfect Tables, sewers can also move freely around the table as there are minimal obstructions to get in your way.

Sew Adjustable
Tired of having a sewing cabinet that doesn't adjust to your height? No need to worry with a Sew Perfect Table™. Our tables are height adjustable sewing tables ranging from 24 1/2" up to 33 1/2".

Sew Perfect Tables™ are designed to accommodate ANY sewing machine.

When ordering our sewing tables you will need to specify what type of sewing machine you have. Every table is designed to accommodate each model of sewing machine made to ensure a Sew Perfect fit.

Do you have more than one sewing machine?
You can also order additional sewing machine inserts to quickly adapt your new table to each machine you own. There is no need for multiple tables!

Made In Maine. Patent Pending.


“Wonderful to sew on, very stable, plenty of room -
I got the extension piece for the back and I leave it up
at all times. Fits my 6600 just great. I liked that I could adjust
the table height a bit so I was sitting at a level that works for
me as I am 5'3" and most things are too tall.”
- S. Ruiz, Puyallup, WA